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Border Terrier
The original home of this breed is Borderland, the area on the border of England and Scotland. It has common ancestors with some other breeds of terriers. It has been used for hunting fox and other varmint since the beginning. Besides the hardiness, quickness and sharpness on varmint there was required unusual tolerance to other dogs, because Border Terriers used to be kept and used to work in packs of different hunting dogs.
About us


Kennel Fiery Lucifer was founded in 1977. Because I was too young in that time it was not possible to register this kennel on my name. My mother, who had been supporting me in cynology in all possible ways, became the owner. Later I signed the kennel over to myself and in 1996, at the registration to register FCI, was the name changed to FIERY LUCIFER. I began with Irish terriers and as it usually happens I was extremely lucky at the choise of the first dog. Not only the dog but also the people. The breeder of my bitch was Mr. Halíř who took me, his pupil-successor, into the secrets of breeding. The bitch, Bea z Tichomoří, that I received from him, was a granddaughter of a legendary triple winner of Cruft Ch. Redneval Ballinruan Beau. She was herself of a very exraordinary exterior and she gave birth to a few really excelent descendants. Later I obtained her great-great-granddaughter Cita Santar. She was successful not only as a showdog and in breeding but also at work. The first Border Terrier, Hussy of the Half House, the bitch of a quality exterior, interesting blood and excellent character, it was in 1991. And again I was lucky with people. The breeder of Hussy is an excellent Dutch breeder and a unique person Minka Crucq, who has been a patient advisor to me, has been helping me selflessly with breeding and giving me precious advice and materials. Thanks to her I became a member of The Southern Border Terrier Club in 1995. Minka has introduced me to another excellent breeder and a friend Beke Roelofs-Brouwers, from whom I obtained unforgetable Friendly Finnigan of Briddy´s Home, that has left a sharp trace in the Czech breeding in spite of his slight use. He transmitted the right type and superb character. As if a merry, frank and friendly nature of Border Terrier attracted breeders of similar qualities. We keep in touch with many leading breeders from all over Europe and England. Although we sometimes compete with each other, the relationship is still perfect, which is not so common elsewere. Not only we participate with our dogs at shows and use them for breeding, but primary they are our inseparable friends and inestimable helpers at hunting of fox, badgers, wild boars, at tracking of animals, but also at duck and field game hunts.