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Irish terrier
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Irish Terrier

If you had ever seen a sandy puppy keeping on at locomotive, it could have been the Irish terrier. The Englishmen do not vainly call him a dare devil. „ This dog is not afraid of anything, does not take fright even of a stronger opponent. Lion, antelope, buffalo, elephant – all of them are a piece of cake for him.“ I think he is not afraid of his own mother-in-law“, a voyager Vilem Nemec said about him. The Irish terrier is considered to be one of the oldest and the most combative breeds. Interestingly, as a terrier he is quite calm and controllable. The reason might be his dependence on his master. He is extremely clinging and tender and he can follow his master´s track at unbelievable distance. Briefly the right dog. He is suitable for a hunt, fierce on varmint and rats, can be use as a guard and defensive dog, his position can be as an army dog as well. His ancestors in Ireland were mainly bred by dirt farmers who could not afford specialized dogs. It is age-old breed, we can already find some references in Middle Ages Irish handwriting. He gained his moder appearance thanks to a purposeful activity of breeders approximately 100 years ago. He soon reached the continent and because he can acclimatize well in every climate he spread across the world. Vilem Nemec met him in Africa and an American writer Jack London got together with him on Solomon Islands in the Pacific. He wrote two novels about the Irish terriers that can be read even by the Czech reader. Their names are Jerry from the islands and Michal, brother of Jerry. London literally admired this breed and so his dog heroes seem to be idealized a little bit. By the way – if you read these books do not let them confuse you by the description of exteriors. The Irishes used to have cropped ears. Well – if you want to have a devoted dog friend, here is one for you. If you are interested, you can experience a professional training with him. If not, then not. But you would have to devote much time to him anyway. 
                                                                                                                                                                                       Ivo Vaculík - Vyberte si pejska,  1972

Irish Terrier
My first Irish terrier was Bea z Tichomorí (Irishpirat What´s a Boy x Flora de Galupo) and she was a granddaughter of more than well known triple winner Cruftu Champion Redneval Ballinruan Beau. In her time and in the Czech conditions she was a bitch really exceptional. I owe much to her breeder Mr. Alois Halíř. He considered me to be his successor and therefor he put me in all the secrets of breeding as well as he provided me with many kilograms of literature. Bea was not only successful at shows, she bred 4 litters with some real quality descendants, but she mainly accompanied me during the end of my childhood to the early youth. The second Irish terrier was Cita Santar, called Bára (Keck vom Marienberg x Akra Santar), who was a great-granddaughter of Bea. Bára did not outstand only in appearance but was used for hunting as well. After she had early passed away there was a big pause with the Irish. In the beginning of 2005 an offer for a bitch Edbrios Simply Better called Buffy from Philip O´Brian and Jarka Poulová was received. It was not possible to resist! A child´s dream came true: the Irish terrier from Ireland! And of such qualities! The consequences provided me with luck and shortly before her arrival she was mated by a dog Bridgeway´s Roppu. Already at the airport it was clear it was the love at first sight. Besides this we managed to bring new and good quality blood to The Czech Republic.